Sales Training Ideas - How to Develop a Top Notch Script For Cold Calling

We highly recommend you have a cold call script when cold calling. Your cold call script must be well thought out, well prepared, written down, committed to memory, and most important, one that is proven to work. 
If you have thoroughly memorized your cold call and you're interrupted in the middle by a prospect's question or comment, you'll be able to deal with it and then go right back to where you were in the cold call. You can also focus of how you're saying something rather than what you're saying during your cold call.
Granted, in face-to-face selling you can't have your written-out cold call in front of you. But writing it out and committing it to memory ahead of time will ensure that you have a consistent call and get consistent cold calling results. 
Note: If you can get a cold call script from one of the top salespeople, this is the way to go. While they may not cold call anymore, they may have their old call around, or remember it. You want their results, so if you don't have to reinvent the wheel, don't, rather use a cold call that is already proven to work.
Steps to creating a powerful cold call
When creating your cold call script, make it interesting and to the point. Your words need to catch and keep the prospect's attention and interest, qualify the prospect (making sure he needs your product, can afford it, and meets other necessary requirements) build rapport, and finally-assuming the prospect is qualified- close on the next step in the selling process, whether it's to set up an appointment or get a sale.
Start your call with your name, your company's name, and a powerful statement or a thought-provoking question. Here is an example: "Hello, Mr. Prospect. Bob Chapin with ABC Company. Very nice to meet you. We have been saving companies in your industry an average of 36 percent on office supplies."
It's important to open strong. To make powerful statements, simply take the benefits of your product or service and turn them into statements. Here are some examples:
o "We have been saving customers (a certain percentage or amount of money) on (your product or service)."
o "We have been reducing customers' monthly payments by (a certain percentage or amount of money) on (your product or service)."
o "We have been providing customers with the same amount of (your product-life insurance, for example) coverage for less money."
o "I can show you how to get more (your product) coverage for the same price you're paying now."
o "We have been helping customers pay (your product) off an average of five years earlier."
o "We have been helping customers get the same (results of your product or service-for example, X-rays development) in half the time."
You can also turn your benefits into opening questions such as:
o "If I could show you how to save (a certain percentage, or amount of money) on (your product or service) would you be interested?"
o "If I could reduce your monthly payments on (your product or service) by (a certain percentage, or amount of money) would you be interested?"
o "If I could show you how to get the same amount of coverage on (your product or service) for less money would you be interested?"
Statements work better than questions, as some prospects will feel that the type of "no-brain" questions above insult their intelligence. However, we included both because some people feel the questions suit their style better.
In addition to starting your cold call with your name, company name, and a thought-provoking statement or question, you can also begin your cold call with your name and what you do worded in such a way that it immediately piques the prospect's interest. For example, if you are an investment advisor, you might say, "Hello. I'm (your first and last name). I'm a money return specialist."
If you're an insurance agent, you might say, "I protect your most valuable assets."
After this introduction, pause and wait for the prospect to say, "What's a money return specialist?" or "What do you do?" At that point, explain what you do and then go into your cold call script.
Other attention-getting cold call openings involve mentioning an organization that is familiar to the prospect and that endorses you or your product. You can also mention other companies that use you or your product. Just be sure this meets with the approval of the current customer(s) you're mentioning. Here are some openings using this type of information.
o "Hi Joe. This is Bob Chapin with ABC Company. We've been working with XYZ Corporation and have helped them cut costs on office supplies by over 35 percent during the past year."
o "Hi Joe. Bob Chapin with ABC Company. We've been endorsed by the National Association of Credit Unions and have been doing work for most of the credit unions in your area."
Again, the key to your cold call opening is to catch the prospect's attention and build some interest quickly.
After your opening, explain why you are calling, followed by a commitment question. Here is an example: "All I'd like to do today is set up a time when I could spend about fifteen minutes with you to determine if and how much we could help you. Could we take a look at your schedule right now?"
From that point, you will bridge into the rest of your cold call.
Your entire cold call should take the following format:
o Your name
o Your company name
o A greeting such as, "Very nice to meet you."
o Your product or service's primary benefit
o Why you're calling followed by a commitment question
o Some discussion to determine interest
o Qualifying (do they meet all necessary criteria - affordability, need, health requirements, etc.)
o Rapport building
o Closing on the next step
o A strong final statement

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