Explora Science Centre and Childrens Museum - Day 2

So, here we are for day 2 at Explora.

We started with some gravity experiments.

 We then made our way upstairs. Bubbles was the first stop.



 We did a few experiments in My Chain reaction. This area had empty tables and you had to use your imagination and make whatever you want. Matt and Alex made a marble run. Ryan made a target which he shot balls at.

In the Scetch Aqaurium we coloured some sea creatures, scanned them andthen watch them swim in a virtual aquarium.



We had some lunch and the boys built some stuff.



I went for a bike ride on a wire. It was just a bit scary...

The lift was probably the coolest lift I've been in. Coaches to sit on, piano to play...


We went to the Natural History Museum for a while, but when that closed at 5:00 we went back to Explora for a bit more bubble fun.





Explora is one of those places one can go over and over again. I wish we had something like this in NZ.



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