Explora Science Centre and Childrens Museum

We are in Albuqurque, New Mexico at the moment. Our motel is on Route 66.
After checking in and having a swim yesterday, we managed to get everyone out the door to Explora. We only had about 2 hours to explore before they closed for the day.


The spinning wheel was lots of fun. I am sure the boys would've spent a whole hour there if we didn't encourage them to move along.

Next was the Water of Life - Life of Water area.

We learnt about frequencies, used cool magnifying glasses and played with Very strong magnets.



There was some reptile interaction.


Next we did some stuff in the Light, Shadow and Colour area.


And then we had fun with Moving Air. The boys flied a plane and made paper helicopters.


And then it was 6:00 and time to go. We didn't even get to the second floor so decided to go back again.
More fun to follow...
PS. After I created this blog I realised that none of the videos actually work. Will have to revert to photos only for the next one.

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