Swimming, Eating and Looking for Cacti

We had a very slow start this morning. Only had some breakfast around 11:00. By then it was too warm to go out and do anything so we just headed to the pool.


We had some Groupon vouchers for burgers and shakes at The District in Downtown Scottsdale. We went there for an early dinner. It was one of the best burgers I have ever had, but I battled to finish half of it. Alex got through about half of his one and Ryan didn't even make a dent in his burger. We also had great big milk shakes to go with our burgers. I had a peanut butter brownie milkshake - YUM!!



We had a stop at Walmart and got a few bits and pieces. The Walmart was massive!!

After that we went looking for some cacti. We didn't have to look very hard as there were cacti everywhere along the road.



We stopped McDowell Sonoran Reserve to have a bit closer look. Unfortunately the gate closed at sunset so we didn't get to do much of the 170 miles of trails.




It was a very nice day. We enjoyed Scottsdale. Off to Gallup tomorrow.








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