Arches National Park

The cabin we stayed in at Moab was only about 2 miles from Arches National Park. The plan was to go for a look-see around sunset. But the boys made some friends and were playing with them. We eventually only got to the park at 9:00 pm. Still had a some colour in the sky... 

We got up early to get to the park before it was too busy. At the Visitor Centre when they opened at 7:30. Collected their Junior Rangers books as well and then we were off exploring.



We had a look at Delicate Arch from a distance. We didn't have time / energy for the 6km hike to see it up close.



At the Windows we had a look at Double Arch first.







This is Elephant Butte.

I went to look at some more arches.



Next stop was Balanced Rock.

Alex had to draw this rock to complete his Junior Ranger question and I took even more photos...

This rock looked like a face to me.

The boys handed in their booklets, got some info from the Ranger and did their pledge.

Another good day at a National Park.

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