Canyonlands National Park

Our host at the cabin asked us what we were doing today. When we said we were going to Canyonlands he suggested we took the un-signposted road over the mountain. That meant we got a great view of the canyons.


We stopped at Newspaper Rock - a petroglyph covered rock.

Had some more great scenery even before we got into the National Park.


When we got to the park we headed straight to the visitors centre for the boys to collect their Junior Ranger packs. The boys also checked out some Explorer packs for the day. These packs had binocolars, a compass, note paper and pens, animal footprint samples, animal dung samples, rocks and more.



We went for a drive. Our first stop was Big Spring Canyon Overlook.



It was very hot! We decided to skip 2 of the other walks. But Cave Spring Trail sounded nice. It was. The first part of the trail wove in and out of caves. It was so much cooler in the caves!



We then climbed up a couple of ladders and the next part of the trail was on top of the hill. I was running after the boys the whole time. Too warm to stop for photos.





Back at the visitors centre the boys handed in their backpacks and showed their work to the ranger for their 4th Junior Ranger badges.

This mountain looked a bit like it had faces carved out of it. And then my camera was flat. Another amazing day!

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