Grand Staircase Escalante

Our drive from Torrey to Escalante took us on Scenic Byway 12 over the Grand Staircase Escalante. Not much to say about it, just views for miles and miles.





We are in the middle of a heat wave, so after spending time in our cabin, we needed to go somewhere to cool down. Went to the Escalante Visitors Centre.

Dinner was Subway in the park. Alex's comment after his first bite: "This is the most delicious Subway I've ever had". And then after his chocolate milk: "This was so refreshing!'
The boys also got some watches as part of their Subway meal deal.

And then a few games of Twister on the picnic blanket.


And then some more cooling down.


This morning we continued on Scenic Byway 12. That meant more scenic views:


We stopped at the Visitor Centre in Cannonville for the boys to hand in their completed booklets. They got very shiny Junior Scientist badges.




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