Some more Bryce Canyon and driving through Red Canyon

This morning we went back to Bryce Canyon. It was a bit warm to go on another hike, so we had a look around in the Visitors Centre where it was nice and cool.

The boys played in the prairie dog tunnels.

We then drove to Sunrise point for another look at the canyon.



While we were enjoying the view we saw a very distraught mother that was looking for her 10-year old daughter. I offered to help look for her. We found her at the restrooms. Myself and Ryan ran back to tell the mum that we've found the daughter, while Matt and Alex stayed with the girl.

The mum was no longer where we saw her last, so we ran around looking for her for a while. Eventually we found the grandparents also still searching for the girl. They managed to call the mum.

A very stressful episode, but fortunately with a happy ending...  After that no-one felt like exploring anymore.

We spotted a few animals on our way out of the park - possibly a mule deer and a pronghorn. Also saw a prairie dog.


We drove through Red Canyon next. Had a quick stop to stretch legs and have a look around.




We are staying in Panguitch tonight. We have a BBQ to use. Looking forward to some meat for dinner. 

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